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ROCO Real Estate Statement of Rental Policy

In order for your application to be processed, each applicant, 18* years of age or older, must complete an application and pay a one-time, nonrefundable processing fee. All persons 18* years of age or older that will be occupying an apartment will be listed as a leaseholder (including guarantor if applicable).   Dependents under the age of 18* do not need to complete an application.  Your application will not be processed without the payment of this fee, which you may pay by credit/debit card online or by money order at the community you are applying.  Payment of the application processing fee does not guarantee an apartment or that your application will be approved.  Please note that you will also be required to provide proof of income, as well as prior landlord information, as part of the application process.  Your application will not be processed until all information is provided. Non-refundable holding deposit must be paid within 24 hours of approval. Only one non-refundable holding deposit must be paid per apartment.

Please contact the Leasing Office directly for the following:

  • Information regarding available apartments
  • Information regarding fees and policies applicable to a specific community

Equal Opportunity Housing Provider

ROCO Real Estate is an equal opportunity housing provider:  We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.  We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act and all state and local fair housing laws.  We provide reasonable accommodations and permit reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. 


Viewing an Apartment

A vacant apartment may be shown to a perspective resident after it has been cleaned and prepared. 

Prospective residents are required to present a photo ID in order to view an apartment.


Apartment Availability

Apartments are available to lease when they become vacant.  An apartment may also become available when an application is denied or when an applicant cancels his/her move-in.  An apartment may be held for an applicant for 14 days upon the completion of the lease application and payment of the non-refundable application processing fee.  If a move-in date is greater than 14 days from the date of the application, the applicant’s name shall be placed on a wait list.  Lease terms may vary.  Please contact the leasing office for specific short-term premiums. Apartments will not be assigned until the Non-Refundable Holding Deposit is paid.


Applications for an apartment home are on a first come, first serve basis.  Availability may vary between floor plan type and location which is subject to change at any time.



In order to help protect the Landlord and Residents against property loss or damage, and in order to help protect Resident against any liability that they might incur to the Landlord, Resident is required and agrees to obtain a policy of “Renters Insurance” from a reputable insurance company. If at any time, it is discovered that Resident has failed to maintain adequate insurance, Landlord shall obtain and maintain force placed waiver fee at Residents expense, the costs of which shall be deemed and collectible as rent.


Occupancy Standards:  A maximum of one person is permitted to reside in a studio apartment, two people in a one-bedroom apartment, four people in a two-bedroom apartment, six people in a three-bedroom apartment, and eight people in a four-bedroom apartment (dependent on per bed basis for student properties). *Note: A child under the age of 12 months should never be counted when calculating occupancy.


Application Process:  To apply for an apartment, applicants must complete the following actions: 


- Submit completed application

- Pay application processing fee

- Provide proof income

- Sign request for Employment verification, if applicable

- Pay Non-Refundable Holding Deposit (certified funds) within 24 hours of approval (Student properties required at time of lease signing)

*If applicant applied online, Non-Refundable Holding Deposit will automatically deduct upon approval


Application will not be considered approved until the Income and Rental Verification Forms have been received and verified.


The Non-Refundable Holding Deposit is refundable for denied applicants and non-refundable if the applicant is approved but decides to not move into the apartment (cancellation).  Upon move-in, the Non-Refundable Holding Deposit is applied to move-in costs. Only certified funds are accepted for payment at time of move-in. Available apartments will be assigned to applicants in the order applications are submitted.  If all requirements and documents are not submitted within 48 hours, the application will be cancelled and holding deposit will be forfeited. 

By applying, the applicant acknowledges that he or she is at least 18* years of age, has read and agrees to all terms of this application, and declares that all responses are true and complete.  Submission of an application authorizes Landlord to obtain consumer reports, criminal record information, and other information it deems necessary for evaluating this application, subsequent renewals, and/or collection purposes. Applicant information may be disclosed to LeaseLock for further examination in order to approve your application.  Any false statement on an application can lead to the rejection of the applicant's application or immediate termination of the lease agreement.

Electronic Communications

Throughout the leasing and application process, ROCO Real Estate may elect to send you electronic communications via email and text (SMS) messaging. These messages are intended to enhance the leasing and application process. If you would like to discontinue receiving these messages, follows these steps:

  • For email – Click the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the email. Upon doing so, ROCO will no longer send you emails and you will be unsubscribed from our email list.
  • For text (SMS) – Respond back to any of the individual text messages using one of the following words: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT. Upon doing so, you will no longer receive text (SMS) messages from that number.

In addition, ROCO respects your privacy and will not allow third parties access to your private email addresses and phone numbers.